Monday, 7 April 2008

Mother's Kitchen

Dreamt of my mom yesterday and thought of the cookies she made for Chinese New Year. Every year, when growing up, she would make the best cookies ever. We never baked cookies for Christmas, only Chinese New Year. Even though we celebrate Christmas but Chinese New Year is the time where you visit friends for 15 days!!! and try home made cookies. As I grew older she doesn't bake as much as she used to. These are the utensils she used.

I know there are people who makes recipes cards for their recipes boxes. I hope you find the stickers useful.

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jassi said...

wow this is very nice!!!!
I have link you on my blog.

Are you from shanghai?Wow cool...I love china.
but I dont´t where there anytime...
It´s my bog dream to go for holiday to china!
I love this land.

Hugs jassi from austria
nice to meet you

Lisbet said...


I just want to look into your "home". Lovely kit you have made.

Murkselmama said...

wonderful elements
but the link don´t work