Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Chinese Character Kit.

This is a very fun kit, especially for digicrappers who likes a little orient on their LOs. I started making the Chinese characters. As I was finishing I looked at my deco. shelf and realised I have also a few hanging deco with the auspicious Characters on them and I started creating the hanging deco.

All together I have 18 auspicious characters, 4 hanging deco and strings of pearls and jades, paper clips and 4 decorated paper. I have great FUN!! Here have a look at the kit!

What else is fun in this kit? You can change the characters on the hanging deco to fit your LO theme. I am sure you realised that now as the hanging decos are blank.

Because I had so much fun making this kit, I thought I have a freebie challenge for you. I am giving away a freebie challenge kit to you for now.. if you make an LO from this small kit (two or all graphics), PM me
with the link to the LO at the Digital Scrap website you came from, and I will send you the links to the full kit! What do you think? Up for more freebies?

My account name is amelia7410. I would appreciate if you leave a comment saying that you will take up the challenge and I will check my PM more often.
Here's the freebie challenge kit for you- have fun!

The two characters on the Paper has two meaning. The one on the hanging deco means Love, the other on the bottom right means Friend or frienship.
Download it here
1) CCFreebie Challenge Kit

Have a good day!!


Lisbet said...

I have now sent you the new kit.

I really looking farward to see what you make of it.


Rose said...

How fun!!! I love those Chinese Characters. Well, I hope you still hang around here. Thanks for being a part of KJOI. And because you are - you've been tagged. Check out my blog for more details.

Jonni, John & Sofia said...


I love this kit. I was just wondering can I download the full Chinese Character Kit? I think I got the Add on. Thanks Liz, Beautiful!!!