Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Chinese Character Kit.

This is a very fun kit, especially for digicrappers who likes a little orient on their LOs. I started making the Chinese characters. As I was finishing I looked at my deco. shelf and realised I have also a few hanging deco with the auspicious Characters on them and I started creating the hanging deco.

All together I have 18 auspicious characters, 4 hanging deco and strings of pearls and jades, paper clips and 4 decorated paper. I have great FUN!! Here have a look at the kit!

What else is fun in this kit? You can change the characters on the hanging deco to fit your LO theme. I am sure you realised that now as the hanging decos are blank.

Because I had so much fun making this kit, I thought I have a freebie challenge for you. I am giving away a freebie challenge kit to you for now.. if you make an LO from this small kit (two or all graphics), PM me
with the link to the LO at the Digital Scrap website you came from, and I will send you the links to the full kit! What do you think? Up for more freebies?

My account name is amelia7410. I would appreciate if you leave a comment saying that you will take up the challenge and I will check my PM more often.
Here's the freebie challenge kit for you- have fun!

The two characters on the Paper has two meaning. The one on the hanging deco means Love, the other on the bottom right means Friend or frienship.
Download it here
1) CCFreebie Challenge Kit

Have a good day!!

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Painted Umbrellas

When I was a little girl I used to have a Chinese painted umbrella, I was five and I would use it to walk to kindergarten just opposite of my house. I love it because at that age you love anything with tassles, it ran along the edge of the opened umbrella. But I have forgotten what colour is that umbrella, I just know I had it once.

This weekend, as I was roaming around Shanghai, and went to the Bund (a famous place here) To cross the road I have to use the underground subway tunnel to get to the other side. There were many ads along with 10 feet tall print of Van Gogh's works. There I was these painted umbrellas and decided to make kit.

I takes about 5 to 7 hours to finish a kit. This is just an inspirational kit... at the moment there are many kits I like to make. If you have a suggestion on what kit for me to create, leave a comment and I will try to create them.

Enjoy this kit. Liz
Please click here to download.
1) PU1
2) PU2
3) PU3

Monday, 7 April 2008

Mother's Kitchen

Dreamt of my mom yesterday and thought of the cookies she made for Chinese New Year. Every year, when growing up, she would make the best cookies ever. We never baked cookies for Christmas, only Chinese New Year. Even though we celebrate Christmas but Chinese New Year is the time where you visit friends for 15 days!!! and try home made cookies. As I grew older she doesn't bake as much as she used to. These are the utensils she used.

I know there are people who makes recipes cards for their recipes boxes. I hope you find the stickers useful.

Click Image to

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Unpredictable Spring

Spring is definitely here. In some parts of the world, it is still raining and in some parts of the world the weather in warming up (except the equatorial area) In Shanghai, it's still colder than usual and the rain brought more cold front. But the buds are out and the first sign of spring in China are the cherry blossoms and the pink peonies.

I went for a long walk and taking my humble samsung dig camera with me. I climbed over brushes and bushes to get to that one perfect flower or bend, twist and stretched my body to get the perfect angle of one flower. All is good!! I love how it turned out. So, today I made a small kit for my challenge and would like to give it as freebie as a gift of Spring.

Please leave a comment it will be most encouraging for me or visit my gallery to see the LO that I used with this kit.. it will be my Fabulous Flowers series of kits This is the first one.

Click here to download this kit.

Take care

Friday, 4 April 2008

Just for you!

Yes, I got the TOU finished and would like to thank my CT leader for her advice. Well, I am also adding Splendid Sanya Add On. These are my first kits, I hope people like it because as you know, it's very hard to show people what you do especially you are so new at this. However, I have received many freebies when I first started Digital Scrapbooking as well and I thought it would be good to play my role in making other newbies happy.

I know my PSE skills is so amateurish, the lines are not refined and other flaws as well. So, I welcome comments from you whether you like my kits or hate it. I welcome both.. That's how one improves right? Since I am self learning I thought it would be a good way to learn from other comments.

So, it's taking a very long time for me to upload these files..!! I didn't know that! So, if you click the link and it's not there yet, please be patient and come back again or leave a comment as you browse through my preview kits!! If you use any of my graphics on your LO, I love to see it and you can leave a comment here to lead me to your LO.
Thanks and have a good day. Liz

Here's the SS Add On kit:
Download the SS add on kit

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Completed 3 Kits, what do you think?

I manage to complete three kits. As I am new to this, I get my inspiration from my surrounding.
I am planning to give these kits as freebies. but I have get around making the TOU. I don't really know how. I have seen other TOUs and they are quite complicated .. I wonder if I can just ask them if I can copy their TOU.

The first one is Pretty Paisley Kit. I especially like the lace corner and the frame. The lace corner is paisley inspired. Download this kit here.
1) PP 1 2) PP 2

My second kit is called Oriental Overture. Inspired by all things Chinese. I will be adding add ons to this kit. I really enjoyed creating this kit, espcially the Chinese Opera Mask and the Chinese Knotting. I learn a few new skills on my PSE.
Download this kit here.
1) OO 1 2) OO 2

This third kit is Splendid Sanya. I was there this Easter. I thought of palm trees, exotic flowers, sand stones. Well this one definately has add ons because I made some frames and brads but ran out of room to display it.
Download this kit here.
1) SS 1 2) SS 2

Please leave a comment if you like my freebies.

My Logo

Well it's extremely late. But I want to get the logo out to see what you think? I would like to hear your opinion on this..

Tuesday, 1 April 2008


Yes, finally is the word I like to say. I have been trying and trying and I think it's still unstable. But will try it anyway. What have I been trying? To start a blog from China (I realised it was block maybe not anymore??).. cut the long story short. I am here, I am a digiscrapper. A newbie digi scrapper.

When I started I scrapped about 100 LO's but realised I can not post it because I don't know what kits I have used. I never thought I would be here.. blogging about digiscrapping.

Anyway, I have tons to learn. I hope you will have a good time with things I have design.
Coming up, my Logo.