Friday, 4 April 2008

Just for you!

Yes, I got the TOU finished and would like to thank my CT leader for her advice. Well, I am also adding Splendid Sanya Add On. These are my first kits, I hope people like it because as you know, it's very hard to show people what you do especially you are so new at this. However, I have received many freebies when I first started Digital Scrapbooking as well and I thought it would be good to play my role in making other newbies happy.

I know my PSE skills is so amateurish, the lines are not refined and other flaws as well. So, I welcome comments from you whether you like my kits or hate it. I welcome both.. That's how one improves right? Since I am self learning I thought it would be a good way to learn from other comments.

So, it's taking a very long time for me to upload these files..!! I didn't know that! So, if you click the link and it's not there yet, please be patient and come back again or leave a comment as you browse through my preview kits!! If you use any of my graphics on your LO, I love to see it and you can leave a comment here to lead me to your LO.
Thanks and have a good day. Liz

Here's the SS Add On kit:
Download the SS add on kit

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