Sunday, 21 December 2008

Another Date Brush

Morning Ladies,
I guess everyone is busy these days leading up to Christmas

So I will not sya much but to tell u it was my very first time I got to witness cutting of the Christmas free.

Here is today's freebie,

Click on the preview to grab it.
Thanks for dropping by, leave some love for me.

Friday, 19 December 2008

Brush Freebie

Good Day Ladies,
There is a bit of getting used to here in Germany, in Shanghai, day light starts at 6am. Yes even in winter, so here I am at almost 8am and the sky it still dark and everyone seems to be asleep still. Why am I up? I am still in Asian time.

I will be keeping it short today, too good to just sit all day at the computer on my holiday.

Click on the preview to download this brush. If you do not know how to set your brush
go to programfiles-adobe-pse-presets
I hope you like this freebie today.
Happy Winter, thanks for D/L my freebie

Thanks for your visit and encouragement.

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Date Strips Freebies.

Hello Ladies,
Sorry for not posting sooner and I think some of you were thinking of grabbing the ribbons. I got too busy packing and now I am here in Germany, it was snowing in the morning and I was really happy to see this.

I am now using the German PC and the keyboard is all changed, for example the Z and Y keys are switched. The ? key is also not in the 'correct' spot. Etc so I am typing very slowly.

I have changed my mind and I have decided I will give the ribbons on Christmas day, so today I want to give you the Date Strips. I see many people were using these dates strips and selling them too, and since I thought it is not too difficult to make them, as Susan likes them as well, I tried to see if I can make some and I did. Here have a look.

What do you think?

This is my version of date strips, thez come in PNG format, and the strips you can change the colours you want. I had a great time making them and I have decided to make more! But these I will give you the next few days. Click Preview to grab it.
Now what is so cool about these next three freebies for the coming days, they are brushes, so you can always have them in your PSE. Like the idea? Let me show you the previews.

Well if you like it don't forget to drop in time to time to grab it. So for today's freebie, go ahead and grab it here. I hope it works, these ones are from divshare, as you all know I can not get into mediafire in China. Please tell me if it works ok?

Have a good week and thanks for visiting.
'Be courteous and Leave some Love'

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Christmas Break

Hello all.
My Christmas break is here, well more like in 6 hours. I will be flying tonight at midnight across the Europe continent to Germany.

I will place one BIG freebie later today, (the 32 ribbons) for you ladies as your Christmas presents.

I hope I will be able to continue to give you freebies... I am thinking of working on Chinese New Year things.. I haven't dont much oriental things lately, too busy working on my hybrids.

So MERRY CHRISTMAS, check in time to time these two weeks I will post more freebies.

More Freebies later today.


Sunday, 14 December 2008

Petal Flowers

Hello Ladies
How was your weekend? Mine turned out quite well and here I am at home again. Today
I will be giving you some pink flowers.

It was from these pictures I took from my last holiday. They were everywhere, blooming in October and the colour was so nice so I took pictures of the fallen flowers.


and from these two pictures I made this.

The colour is so briliant and bright I didn't have to adjust any thing. What do you think of the flowers now? You can grab this here.

Well gotta go, keep warm and have a good weekend.
'Be courteous, Say Thank You.'


Thursday, 11 December 2008

Crystal Stars

Hello Ladies
Yesterday was my last ribbons for now until I have more.
So, today I give you Crystal stars
I saw them while walking one day and took a picture.

I will be busy this weekend, spending a great time with my friends boys. SO I will take a break to make more freebies. Have a good weekend ok Ladies?

Click here to have these stars
Have a good weekend and enjoy the stars! :)

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

1 day of Ribbons

Hello Ladies,
Today I am giving out my fav. ribbons. I have used them in many of my layouts.
So, I hope you like them too. I am working on new ribbons, it's called rainbow ribbons. It has 32 ribbons with 32 colours.. Sauber!

Anyway, I will be busy with my friends children this weekend as I am babysitting. If I dont have freebies this weekend I will make it up next week.

Here's the preview:

I called it pefect Ribbons.. because they are perfect! You agree?
All right, click here to grab these perfect ribbons.

Have a good day
'Be Courteous and Say Thank You'

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

2 days of Ribbons

One more week and I will be flying to Germany for my Christmas break. I hope it will snow so I get a White Christmas but I heard from Thomas that it hasn't snow for Christmas for the past two year and it's likely not to snow.

That's sad to know. Well to cheer me up let me put this set of ribbons for grabs.
They are wrapped ribbons where you put on top of a box or a present. I hope you get something to use it for.

Grab it here.

Well, I will keep this short as I am a little tired and nothing interesting happens today. I hope you have more interesting week than me.

'Be Courteous and Say Thank You"

Monday, 8 December 2008

3 days of Ribbons

Hello Ladies,
How was your Monday blues? Will you be cheered up with another set of ribbons?

This evening was my last minute Christmas Calendar and wrapping presents day. My students and I are playing Secret Santa, so I have tons of presents to wrap today, including the ones I made for my family. Well I thought I should just not wrap my BBooks but then it didnt have that Christmas feel. So in the end I went over the top!
Wrappers and ribbons.

Speaking of ribbons. Here's today's ribbon. Paper ribbon. These ribbons are best used to wrap around your frames and you can add a bit of charms or a tag.

Please click here to download this set.

PS: Although I have no access to mediafire, it's still running. My older freebies are still up for grabs. Feel free to down load them. Have a good Monday.

"Be Courteous, Say Thank You"

Sunday, 7 December 2008

4 days of Ribbons

Today's Ribbon is Swirled!

Nothing much to say, just that it's cold. Despite loving the cool air and winter. Shanghai's homes. ALL of them, are not built to contain heat. There's no insulation. We have brick walls, and it feels like I am living in medieval times where I need to cover my walls with thick cloth or tapestry.

Since I have none of those, I live in my felt robe and expensive heating system through every winter.

Well so far I have no one telling me that they can not download from my first ribbon day, so here goes. I hope you like the second set.


Click here to download.
"Be courteous, Say Thank You."

Saturday, 6 December 2008

5 Days of Ribbons.

I am still trying to upload my things to my near file share site. I was rummaging through and realised that I have my ribbons in Mediafire. I know I cant get to it but the site is still running and I can give freebies again!! Why didn't I think of that?
So, there's today Ribbon Freebie. It's glitter ribbon. I had this ribbon for a while and I wanted to make ribbon sets for a sometime but lost it. Since I found it, it 'opened' my eyes and I found more ribbons lying around. So, I hope you like it.
I am back for a while. I hope you have not forgotten me.

Click here if you like these ribbons. Please leave some love.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

I'm back! (I think)

Hello Ladies,
After a month down with blockage and I have come to accept I might have another down time again, but I have found DEVShare and made myslef an account. So, tonight I will try out my new freebie for you.

Tell me if you can download it ok? if you can that means my upload is working and I can move on to giving you freebies again.

November has been good, despite that I can not do much freebie give away. I have been making a lot of hybrids for my Christmas presents and knitting! Yes, I knitted neck warmers for my two friends and they are using it.

Weather is Shanghai has been the same, cold! But I am sure some places where you are, are colder. So, I will do some uploading tonight. I have some ribbons for you for the Christmas season. I am not going to make Christmas freebies as they are so many out there already.
So, Ribbons for now..
Let's see if all things works well.