Saturday, 22 November 2008

Gone Hybrid.

Thanks Ladies for the gift you gave me..
So, I will post them on my blog soon.
As mentioned in my I MISS YOU blog I have gone hybrid a bit because of the BLOCKAGE on MediaFire in China.

I never really wanted to go Hybrid because I thought it was like double work. But in Summer I made two little brag books for my God daughter and a friend's daughter as well as was excited to see how excited they were too have the gift. Not many people have scrapbooking as a hobby in Malaysia.

Anyway, I made some Christmas give for my Mom and all ladies in the house.. and here's the bragbooks I made. I used someone's BB QP. As I am terrible in giving credits (that's why I never place my LO here) so I am declaring that all the QPs, SB papers and elements shown in the pictures before are not mine but freebies I have DL from other designers.

So, here's the Bragbooks.

my God Daughter, she's 2 this year.

I made about 8 BB including 3 for birthdays

Here's a Christmas gift for Thomas's Mom..A Chinese photo album with scrapbook pages

Now, yesterday I went and bought an album about 28cm x 28cm, it is on Christmas sale for 160yuan (Usually over 200 yuan)which is how much in Dollars? no idea. I had one on order for the silk cloth material I like. How great is this, it's on sale and you can to choose the cloth material you like! I will get this by Tuesday.

So this book as 40 pages meaning it can house 80 pages. This afternoon I went to the printer and printed 66 pages of my travel digital scrap pages and paid 330yuan, it's 5 yuan a page. Got some glue sticks.. and watched one talk show and a movie to glue all the pages. Boy it looks really good...have a look!

Well that's the things I did while missing on the freebie world. :)
I am working hard ladies to get something going.. if not, when I am in germany I will start my Oriental Chanlenge there.

That's all for today.
Have a good weekend.

Thursday, 20 November 2008


Dear Ladies,
fingers itching and I have my November Oriental Challenge eagerly sitting in my Hard Drave waiting to get out.

It's official that Media Fire is blocked :( sob sob sob. I am still finding a way to get around it.
I miss giving out freebies.. seriously.

I had so many freebies ideas and it's just sitting there.

Good news that I turned a little Hybrid while I am in search of a way to get to my MediaFire.. I heard about proxy.. so I am trying to see what that means.

So the Hybrid that I made were bragbooks.. I have a few bragbooks freebies in the past and didn't really use that so, I popped in the local Chinese Stationary shop and bought some plastic covers, my friend Susan, my only scrapbooking friend in China, had some ribbons and I used the ribbons to make it pretty.

The good thing is the materials is not expensive here. I made 8 bragbooks over a week!! the plastic covers cost about 1.50 yuan, and the printing, a nearby University Press, cost about 5yuan for an A3 colour printing!!! how cool and cheap. I will take some pictures of the hybrid I made ok? And show it to you. I love my Christmas gift and I am sure my God daughter and my mom will lover her gift.

Another Hybrid is a Christmas gift to Thomas's Mother. As I will be spending Christmas in Germany this year, my FIRST European Christmas, I wanted to give her a meaningful present. I went and bought a photo album. The album is covered with Chinese silk and it comes with a matching box. I used as many pictures as I can and scrapbook it and print it out like a photograph and insert it in the album!! it's really cool I get a picture to show you. There are 40 pages but I have only 18 pages but hey, this gives me chances to scrap this christmas trip and then send it to her and she can add more pictures to the album!! What a great idea.. :)

I am thinking of making my own scrapbook I have about 30 pages on my Japan trip and about 30 pages on my last year's Europe trip. I have asked a few publisher to print my books. It cost about 300 yuan. and 8X8 hard cover book. I wonder how much it is for Shutterfly and how big is the book I will check that out too.

Thanks to DebM and Lisa for your comments. I am not giving up girls. I know I may not make a huge difference in the Scrapping world but hey I know my freebies are liked by many and I will not give up. So once I get back on my feet I will be giving you FREEBIES again.. I love doing it. :)

As for now, I will keep a consistant blogging and keep you up dated in my blogging world.

Love Liz

Monday, 3 November 2008

Temporary Out

Dear All
Thank you for yoru support and encouragement. I took a nice break from scrapping and now I am back, but I can not be back to give freebies anymore.

Not because I don't want to it's because the file sharing site I am at, MEDIAFIRE, is blocked. As you know I am constantly getting challenged this way. When I first started DigiScrapping Blogger was blocked.

Then 4shared is blocked. Now is blocked in CHINA!!! So no more sharing and the chances to get freebies for me is even lesser and I can not give you freebies. Well, you lucky folks out there, count your blessings and always thank the designers who give you freebies.

Good news for me, I can fully concerntrate on my scrap projects.
If mediafrie is lifted, I will be back and you will know it.
Happy Scrapping and Hunting. *sniff sniff*