Friday, 29 August 2008

TGIF Freebies

The weekend is here and I am going to the gym!!! hmm well why else? trying to get rid of some summer pounds and last winters as well!!
So, today I am giving an orange flowers.. All these flowers are in natural lights, I did not enhance them all I did is extracting them.
Here's my first Chinese Little Girl Sticker. I made it for a page for my God Daughter, so I share this with you.
All my freebies are for personal use only. If you know a friend likes some of my things send her my way... if you have freebies and like me to add you on my list, please leave a comment and I will add you on my list.

Well have a great weekend.
Click image to download


Thursday, 28 August 2008

Thursdays Grab!

Hello Freebie grabbers,

Well after two days of rest of not giving away freebies, my fingers are itching to give one today. I hope you have been enjoying my Japanese Candy alpha freebie.

So today's freebie will be flowers. but I may have a mini preview for you :) I am working on Chinese little girls stickers for you..

Click on Image to Download

Monday, 25 August 2008

Monday Flood! Freebies for you

Yes, I work up this morning and made sure I left the apartment before 7am. On rainy days it is very difficult to catch a cab to work. I got to school and the surrounding areas were already showing signs of blocked pipes. Then I realised (30mins later) school was cancelled, but by then, the teachers that came in later told me the water rose to their calf and teachers who are shorter told me it reaches their thighs!! I knew I was trapped at school and I guess I would wait until the flood subsided. 6 hours later, after lunch, I barged out barefooted wanted to be home in the cozy bed, I thought how lucky I was as I caught a cab right away. Little did I know I was stuck in the traffic for almost 2 hours (2km only!)

I told the cabbie, "That's it I am getting out and walking back." He gave me an apologetic chuckle and pointed me the way that headed towards my apartment. Of course I knew I couldn't walk home, it would probably take me another 2 hours, as I could have gotten lost too. I have never walked home!

Again, as I prayed, I saw a motorcycle 'taxi' and we wheeled pass rows of honking cars and shouting men! (and women) I got home and was in a very bad mood.

Now 4 hours later, I feel better, showered and disinfected myself (flood water unthinkable bacteria!!!) I think I will give away my Japanese Candy Alpha today.

It's not my perfect work, in fact it's my first alpha. But I used it in my LO, loved it! They are the Japanese Candies I took when I was holidaying in Tokyo. THey are very bright and cute and one day, I thought that will be cool to have some alphas for my Japan Holiday Scrapbooking. So I made it.

I hope you like it. I love it and so did my scrap buddy Susan!

Have a good Monday and Tuesday! No freebies for this Tuesday and Wednesday, I will be busy.

Click the image to download.


Sunday, 24 August 2008

Weekend Freebie

Haven't posted for a few days. I have been scrapbooking mostly and
doing a little designing and extracting flowers.
Today you can grab the 2 part of Sanya Textures.
Hope you enjoy it.

Have a good weekend.
PS below is the Preview kit of my first Alpha Freebie
"Japanese Candy"

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Something More Freebi

Weekend is almost here and today's freebie is a flower with a bee and red berries bunch.
Hope you like them. Leave a little love when you can . Click on the image to Download.

Have a nice day Liz.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Chinese Scenes Freebie Wednesday

Hello Freebie lovers (I'm one of them!)
Today I have trouble to decide whether to share with you the Sanya Textures or
Chinese Scenes Set 3.

I think many people likebthem so, here's set 3 for you.
Do you think I should continue to make the Chinese Set?
If you like more of the Chinese Scenes set, give me a shout
on my "Talk to me" I will continue with more.

What about the flowers? I have more from my Versaille trip
and more from my Germany trip too. "Talk to me" if you like to have more flowers too. :)

I am hoping someone will make a LO from my Chinese Characters Challenge because I can not wait to give out the link to the full kit.

I am learning how to make Alphas for my scrapping. When I am finished I share them with you.
It's quite amatuerish...

So, enough already, here's today's kit.
Click on the Set image to download.
I use Media Fire as I can not get to 4share from here.

Have a good Mid Week.

If you like to see what other freebies I have
scroll down and click older posts.

Monday, 18 August 2008

Monday Blues and Turmoil Tuesday Freebie

Hello Freebie grabbers!

Monday is almost over for me, but for many of you are still in Monday.
Tuesday will be here sooner, I am posting at night my time (Shanghai time) and my next freebie is textures!

I took these pictures with my humble Samsung digital when I was holidaying in Sanya (Hainan Island) a very famous beach place in China. I took many pictures including things for my own scrapbook.

Now, I want to share them with you. This Freebie kit has 12 textures, but today I give you 6. I will put up 6 more later.

Hope you like it.

Click image to download.

PS: If you like more freebies, check out my
blog archive - esp April 2008

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Freebie Challenge for this Oriental Kit

I had a freebie Challenge in the older post and I am bring it up again because I think this is such a nice Oriental kit. The Chinese love little ornaments with good wishes, it is somewhat like a lucky charm.
In this kit there are 4 hanging ornaments where you can put one of the 17 characters on the ornaments.
I have made pearls and jade beads as well.

If you like the Chinese Character Kit all you need to do it download this challenge kit and make a layout with them using one of the paper or elements. Then leave a message or email me to link me to your blog to see your LO. I will send you the link to the full freebie kit.
I don't think it's that difficult, I have done it before. It was fun.
I'm waiting to hear from you.

Click on the challenge kit image to download.(The Link has expired)

Flower Freebies for your weekend?

Well, two more flowers for you today. They are still the spring flowers in Shanghai.
Enjoy you Sunday with your family and friends. Mine are in Malaysia and Germany.

Please Click on the Image to download.


Saturday, 16 August 2008

Happy Weekend Freebie

I was just going through my files yesterday and realised that I have more flowers
These are 3 for today, They are Spring flowers from Shanghai. Every year I would take a few pictures of the beautiful flowers. Mainly for my desktop wallpapers, but now you can use it
in your digital scrapbooking too!

Here are the 3 cherry blossoms
Please click the colour you like to download.

Friday, 15 August 2008

My Set 2 Chinese Scenes

Well, it's the weekend and what do I have for you?
The Chinese Scenes Set 2. This set has a green tone to it.
and again they are pictures taken from original water towns
around Shanghai.

If you like them please Download them here.
Have a weekends. I will make more freebies this weekend for
next week. So drop by !


PS If you like Asian sets, scroll down and click old post. I have some nice Oriental Freebies still up for grabs!

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Help Needed

Well when I first started this blog, I made a very small Title for the page. After surfing and admiring so many people's Title Blog I decided to change. However, I have a problem. If you look at my new Blog Title.. there's still that red background. I can't find a way to get rid of it. I know, I know.. you must be thinking "if I can use PSE , why can't she get rid of that red background?"
Truth I can't *sob* if you know how, could you please tell me how?

My Blog TItle looks ugly with that and I know it has been there for a long while.
Can you advice me? Please leave me a comment. I would really appreciate it.


My old Blog Titles

Hibiscus and Bright Pink Freebie

I hope you enjoyed yesterday's
Chinese Scenes background.
I am now making the second set as I
discovered I have a few more pictures.
So today will be two flowers.

I am also thinking of giving some textures as well,
what do you think?

If you like the Bright Pink flower Click here to DL
for the Hibiscus Click here to DL


PS The flower freebies are Commercial OK. So please ignore my TOU.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Chinese Scenes Set1

Hello there
Today I tried out some filtering.. If you like to add a bit of Asian background to your LO. Here are some authentic sceneries from China. Most of them are taken from water towns around Shanghai. They are 12 x 12 and in Jpeg file. Below are the 4 pictures. Hope you enjoy it. Liz

If you like these pictures please click here to download.
If you have a LO using these asian background I really like to see them. Please leave me a message.
Have a nice day. Liz

Monday, 11 August 2008


Hello there,
As you can see I am back in action :) I am not designing as much. Because I want to take time to scrap. I have started to have a scrap journal. Going back to my first digital pictures to present time. And I have a few Christmas project on my way so but I am still learning new things and when I get it done, I will share it.

So, below are three templates. It's my first time making templates. I personally like templates but I also like to just do my own LO. To advance into my PSE skills I thought I should try out template making. So, here's three. I have tried it, but I dont know if it really works. Please leave a comment if it works!! I love to hear from you.

Please click here

Oh and here is the second Yellow flowers for you.
Please leave an appreciation comment. Thanks.

Click here to Download this flower

More coming up. I have loads of flowers when I went to Europe for holidays. If you like them you can Bookmark me and pass my website to other flower loving people!

Sunday, 10 August 2008

More flowers.

More flowers for you. Hope you enjoy using it.


Click Here

click Here

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Flower from France Freebies

Dear friends,
After coming back from the summer vacation I feel like scrapbooking again but I may not be designing as much.

However, I love to continue to share some of my collections with you. I was in France and took some flower pictures and I like to share it with you.

Leave a comment or a link where I can view the flowers you have received on you LO.

These are just the first two, there will be more coming up. So stay in touch. Liz

Click here for the Purple Flower

And here for the white.