Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Painted Umbrellas

When I was a little girl I used to have a Chinese painted umbrella, I was five and I would use it to walk to kindergarten just opposite of my house. I love it because at that age you love anything with tassles, it ran along the edge of the opened umbrella. But I have forgotten what colour is that umbrella, I just know I had it once.

This weekend, as I was roaming around Shanghai, and went to the Bund (a famous place here) To cross the road I have to use the underground subway tunnel to get to the other side. There were many ads along with 10 feet tall print of Van Gogh's works. There I was these painted umbrellas and decided to make kit.

I takes about 5 to 7 hours to finish a kit. This is just an inspirational kit... at the moment there are many kits I like to make. If you have a suggestion on what kit for me to create, leave a comment and I will try to create them.

Enjoy this kit. Liz
Please click here to download.
1) PU1
2) PU2
3) PU3


Lisa Peppers said...

What a cute little kit!! I love the parisols. I always wanted to do a room with the painted parisols and kimonos. Think I will have to settle for using your adorable kit instead!! Thanks for sharing!

Tussemaja said...

Great kit! I also love this colorful umbrellas.

Mariafer said...

Great job on the finished kit. I can see you improving with every kit. The umbrellas are adorable.

kenziekylanmom said...

My children are adopted from South Korea so i am always looking for cute Asian kits...I just love this one! thanks!!!

Jonni, John & Sofia said...

Oh Liz, this kit is just adorable. I love the colors and the playfulness of it. Great job and thank you so much.