Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Completed 3 Kits, what do you think?

I manage to complete three kits. As I am new to this, I get my inspiration from my surrounding.
I am planning to give these kits as freebies. but I have get around making the TOU. I don't really know how. I have seen other TOUs and they are quite complicated .. I wonder if I can just ask them if I can copy their TOU.

The first one is Pretty Paisley Kit. I especially like the lace corner and the frame. The lace corner is paisley inspired. Download this kit here.
1) PP 1 2) PP 2

My second kit is called Oriental Overture. Inspired by all things Chinese. I will be adding add ons to this kit. I really enjoyed creating this kit, espcially the Chinese Opera Mask and the Chinese Knotting. I learn a few new skills on my PSE.
Download this kit here.
1) OO 1 2) OO 2

This third kit is Splendid Sanya. I was there this Easter. I thought of palm trees, exotic flowers, sand stones. Well this one definately has add ons because I made some frames and brads but ran out of room to display it.
Download this kit here.
1) SS 1 2) SS 2

Please leave a comment if you like my freebies.


Mique Walcutt said...

I was able to get to your blog! I am so excited that you are able to work on it now. Pretty kits! Come find me on hello if you get a chance.

mlwCustom Designs
exclusive @ kjoistudios

k-joi studios said...

Awesome that you are blogging! Nice kits too, i especially like the first one! :)

kenziekylanmom said...

Oh, I just love oriental ovation...keep up the good work with the Asian kits...there aren't that many out there! Thanks!

Jonni, John & Sofia said...

What gorgeous kits Liz. I love them all! Thank you so very much for sharing your talent.