Thursday, 4 December 2008

I'm back! (I think)

Hello Ladies,
After a month down with blockage and I have come to accept I might have another down time again, but I have found DEVShare and made myslef an account. So, tonight I will try out my new freebie for you.

Tell me if you can download it ok? if you can that means my upload is working and I can move on to giving you freebies again.

November has been good, despite that I can not do much freebie give away. I have been making a lot of hybrids for my Christmas presents and knitting! Yes, I knitted neck warmers for my two friends and they are using it.

Weather is Shanghai has been the same, cold! But I am sure some places where you are, are colder. So, I will do some uploading tonight. I have some ribbons for you for the Christmas season. I am not going to make Christmas freebies as they are so many out there already.
So, Ribbons for now..
Let's see if all things works well.


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