Monday, 3 November 2008

Temporary Out

Dear All
Thank you for yoru support and encouragement. I took a nice break from scrapping and now I am back, but I can not be back to give freebies anymore.

Not because I don't want to it's because the file sharing site I am at, MEDIAFIRE, is blocked. As you know I am constantly getting challenged this way. When I first started DigiScrapping Blogger was blocked.

Then 4shared is blocked. Now is blocked in CHINA!!! So no more sharing and the chances to get freebies for me is even lesser and I can not give you freebies. Well, you lucky folks out there, count your blessings and always thank the designers who give you freebies.

Good news for me, I can fully concerntrate on my scrap projects.
If mediafrie is lifted, I will be back and you will know it.
Happy Scrapping and Hunting. *sniff sniff*


Lisa said...

AAaaawwwww I'm so sorry Liz. You were the only one who did oriental style files. I hope you can find a carrier to help you. Thank you for your great files!


Deb M. said...

Hi Liz...

I'm so sorry to hear about your problems with file sharing. That is so sad. I have had a problem logging on to your blog. Finally got in today. So strange! Please keep sharing your beautiful projects even if you can't share your freebies. Love hearing about your vacations & trips, too. :o)

Thanks for all you share...hugs,