Saturday, 22 November 2008

Gone Hybrid.

Thanks Ladies for the gift you gave me..
So, I will post them on my blog soon.
As mentioned in my I MISS YOU blog I have gone hybrid a bit because of the BLOCKAGE on MediaFire in China.

I never really wanted to go Hybrid because I thought it was like double work. But in Summer I made two little brag books for my God daughter and a friend's daughter as well as was excited to see how excited they were too have the gift. Not many people have scrapbooking as a hobby in Malaysia.

Anyway, I made some Christmas give for my Mom and all ladies in the house.. and here's the bragbooks I made. I used someone's BB QP. As I am terrible in giving credits (that's why I never place my LO here) so I am declaring that all the QPs, SB papers and elements shown in the pictures before are not mine but freebies I have DL from other designers.

So, here's the Bragbooks.

my God Daughter, she's 2 this year.

I made about 8 BB including 3 for birthdays

Here's a Christmas gift for Thomas's Mom..A Chinese photo album with scrapbook pages

Now, yesterday I went and bought an album about 28cm x 28cm, it is on Christmas sale for 160yuan (Usually over 200 yuan)which is how much in Dollars? no idea. I had one on order for the silk cloth material I like. How great is this, it's on sale and you can to choose the cloth material you like! I will get this by Tuesday.

So this book as 40 pages meaning it can house 80 pages. This afternoon I went to the printer and printed 66 pages of my travel digital scrap pages and paid 330yuan, it's 5 yuan a page. Got some glue sticks.. and watched one talk show and a movie to glue all the pages. Boy it looks really good...have a look!

Well that's the things I did while missing on the freebie world. :)
I am working hard ladies to get something going.. if not, when I am in germany I will start my Oriental Chanlenge there.

That's all for today.
Have a good weekend.


Sancho said...

dang... why chinese always block sites =( i used to download lotta good thangs from mediafire but now its gone.. last year they blocked even blogspot, and many more, i wish they unblock all them good sites

Deb M. said...

WOW!! You have been busy, busy Liz. Love the brag-books & your photo albums are beautiful. I love the fabric on them...stunning!! Great work & thanks for sharing.

Mechelle said...

These are truly beautiful projects! I love Hybrid scrapbooking ~ So many different things you can do.
Amazing job on all of your projects.