Thursday, 9 October 2008

Still upset

My father came to visit me yesterday from Malaysia, when I returned home from work we chatted and he casually mentioned that the economy in the world is looking pretty bad and that nothing is permanent and the only thing permanent thing is GOD. He is ever here with us and never change.

At one point he said something about being online in the afternoon to read even more news about the present situation. I stopped him. "What ? You got online?" I abruptly went to my laptop and hooked up, the joy of being connected again just gave me such great happiness, but was in vain. It didn't work on my computer. Only his, and this is when I realised that my LT connection to the internet is faulty. So, there's no problem with the internet, the problem lies on my baby LT!!

How sad I was. I felt a little betrayed as I take care of LT very carefully and she went sick on me!! I know it's a silly thing to say this, but I am really sad and I hope I can fix this problem ASAP.

Anyway, my goal this week is to improve on my kit previews. A friend pointed to me that my previews are not marketable... so I am going to try this week to make my Nov. Oriental Preview to look better. I do have to say that my FROM GERMANY WITH LOVE preview is pretty nice... I like the little sticker in the middle of the papers compare to the strip across. You don't know what I am saying? You know the middle sticker in the middle of the papers?? Ah, well then I should show you.. let's see this one!

See that? I like it that way.. But I like to make a nice one for myother kits, maybe a rounded corner one or something. What do you think of this preview? It is attractive enough?

Well I will make a new Nov. Oriental Preview and then let you see the old and the new together. And like to hear what you think, Ok?

The preview here shows Sunflowers and another orange flower (no idea what is the name, I'm terrible at keeping a record of flower names) We were riding through the scenic view, mind you all the views surrounding Adelsheim is Beautiful, and we passed by a patch of SUNFLOWERS.Being a city girl I have never really seen fields of sunflowers in real time. I have seen plenty in pictures, so I made T (my boyfriend) turn around and stopped to let me just look at the field, what else would I do next, you say. Took PICTURES!! It was a very happy picture time. So after doing a bit of tweaking the papers, now they turned out beautiful!

The other picture was taken in Bad Rappernau, a nearby town to Adelsheim and they were promoting a flower festival, I was a little dissappointed with the festival because there weren't many variety, but I captured a few flowers for my freebies to you. This orange ones are gorgeous. Don't you think?

Oh I realised I forgot to tell you, this preview is my freebie today. :) Grab is here ladies, and please leave a comment if you like these papers.

I am now worried sick and hoping my LT will be working and I dont have to send her in to the IT hospital. Well I have a duty to do, so have a good day, cross fingers and pray that my LT (laptop ) is not seriously damaged.



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Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 08 Oct [LA 10:30pm] - 09 Oct [NY 12:30am, UK 05:30am, OZ 03:30pm] ).

Anonymous said...

thank you very munch for your blog

Anonymous said...

These are very pretty...I cannot wait to try them out!

Foxylady Creations said...

Thank you for these lovely papers. Can i use your stuff in my kits please.


Linda said...

So pretty thank you. Sorryabout the computer problems, hope it works out soon.