Saturday, 4 October 2008

Observing the Chinese

Good weekend to you.

It's Saturday, and one more day and I will be back at work. Holidays passes very fast, I wanted to do one LO a day but it was hard due to some circumstances. Although I did get two LOs done since I got back from my holiday.

My October Oriental Challenge is here, so remember to scroll down to grab the challenge. I know you may find it hard to find something to go with the theme. But you don't really have to get into the FULL oriental gear for a LO. Anyway, it's on and the last day is the 31st of this month.

Yesterday, I went out again and will do so today! I was at this street where locals buy their food to eat and right across this street I was welcomed by Starbucks and Mark&Spencer etc. So first here are Pictures of the people selling the food and how this local street looks like.

(Click on pictures to have a bigger view)

Then here comes the things sold on this street(not all are shown)

Then just across the street you see this!

We went to have a cuppa and I tried out the peanut butter scones. While sitting and relaxing, I realised I was watching the Chinese people behaviour and I click on my video button and this is what I saw while enjoying my cuppa.I hope you like it, it's a short clip, I made the clip faster so, NO this is not how fast the Chinese can walk. At the end of the clip you may find the most interesting person in the most surprising attire in broad daylight HOWEVER it is a very very very COMMON attire worn by many Shanghainese.(Someone even published a picture book about this)

Now,today's freebie is a birthday give away. Frames with Chinese Oriental design. I have tons or textures, BF thinks I am a little nutty but he is very patient with me whenever he is out with me. I am always clutching my camera instead of his arms and would go into my scrapping world through the lens of my Samsung. I thought I share some of my textures with you through frames. If you are in China, you can but cloth frames as gifts to your friends. So, here are the first set of digital cloth frames for you. Only for today!

Grab the FRAMES HERE (Sorry, download is expired)

Have a good weekend Saturday!
Thanks for your encouraging comments.

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deadrose said...

I got two of your challenges done, finally! You can see them here:

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 04 Oct [LA 03:23am, NY 05:23am, UK 10:23am, OZ 08:23pm] ).

Anonymous said...

What gorgeous frames--thank you for sharing! Thanks as well for showing us the photos from your trip.

Will be sending you the layout I made for your challenge.

terri - hawaii said...

Thanks for sharing these lovely frames. Hugs and aloha!!