Sunday, 12 October 2008

My Birthday, embracing my age.

I'm officially 34 today, but what is age? In my mind I always think I am about 28. In some culture, it is totally rude to out right ask a lady person of her age. As I get older I realised people tend to be cautiously askng what my age is.

Age is age, but we are so caught up with the conformity of the society that we tend to make it so sensitive, so taboo, so no-no and that people has to step gingerely around you just to see if you will disclose your age.

My first year in China, I met many local Chinese, and the first thing they do is to ask, how old are you? base on that age they will proceed to the next question. If you are in the 20s, they will ask "Do you have a boyfriend?" and if you are in the 30s they will ask "Are you married?" Funny eh?

Of course I always get the THIRD question, "How come you are not married?" and the FORTH, "Why don't you have a boyfriend?" and the FIFTH, "Don't you want to be married?" etc
I can image if a few of my other single available female friends were to be asked these questions, they will either clam up or be in tears! I just answered all the questions out of curiosity just wanting to know what is the last question. There were no last question but a last statement, " I will help you find a boyfriend!" haha

So, age is age, it should not affect us, us women in this new millennium should not have such attitude and mid frame about age. Why are you afraid of your age? You can not get rid of it, and you can not turn back the counter (Although many try using other physical power). A few of my friends also say the 30's is the new 20s. Are you kidding me?

Women has come a long way to where we are with the society, we have done leaps and bounce and why let a little 2 numbers get into our way of thinking?
So here I am 34!

Now let's back to the real reason you are here :) thanks for reading and thanks to those to took time to tell me that they like my work. I really appreciate them as your words have encouraged me. While you wait for the things to be downloaded please leave a comment I love to hear what you have to say about AGE.

So, here are two Chinese Glitter words. I will have it up for 2 days meaning today Sunday, and tomorrow Monday, because of the time zones.. I know by tomorrow when I work some people are still on Sunday. And I like Ping Ping to celebrate my birthday with me.

The meaning of the Chinese words are on the label.
They are my first official glitter elements.
3 styles and 8 words.

Here is also Ping Ping. She is holding a typical Chinese
candy, it's a like in America you have Candied Apple.
In China it's called Hawthorne.. it's candied Hawthorne.
There are various fruits nowadays. Oranges and grapes
and my fav. Candies Strawberries!

Click preview to view it closer.
and grab them here
(Sorry Link Expired)

Enjoy my freebies!
Be courteous and leave thanks on my blog.
and have a great weekend. I know I am.


Pattycakes said...

Happy Birthday to you!! Hope it's wonderful. I just love these....Thank you! Thank you! :)

Cassandra said...

Happy Birthday! Thanks so much for the freebies. I worried about my age until I turned 40! :) Now I don't worry. That's one great thing about getting older. I care less what other people think. 34 is young! Enjoy it! :)

Cassandra said...

(P.S. When you DO get married, then they start asking "When are you going to have a baby?" and "Why haven't you had a baby yet?" So, it still keeps going even if you were married.) :)

terri - hawai said...

Happy Birthday Liz, and many more to come. Yeah, your right age is but a number. Some of us feel older then our age, some younger. Your still ever so young. I'm 47 but I don't feel over 30 myself. Except sometimes my body feels the age. Some things with age we can't avoid but we can embrace. There is so much I know now that I didn't know in my 20's or even 30's. So yes, be proud of how old you are and enjoy life.

Now, onto the freebies and my thank you's. I just love the glitter characters. Of course I love Asian character writing. Ping Ping is again so cute. I think I still didn't get the last one because it kept coming up with no link. I'll check and let you know. I don't want to miss any of PingPing, : )

Hugs and aloha!!

Liz said...

thanks Ladies for your well wishes!
And thanks Terri, if the link doesn't work please leave a note here and I will go fix it.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! Hope you had a great one. Today was my younger son's first birthday as well. :)

Thanks so much for the glitter words.