Friday, 17 October 2008

Mc D 24hours and delivering in Shanghai PLUS mini challenge Freebie

I think most people of my generation remember when McD did not exist. When I was young A&W was the in thing in Malaysia. A good treat is the rootbeer and waffles with unlimited syrup!

Now Mc D is the in thing. Well to people living in Shanghai. Last year they decided to go 24 hours!! Can you imagine that, if you live near a McD and you woke up hungry and you single and your fridge is empty (like mine). You just walk in with your pajamas for some Apple pie!!

Well, walking in your pajamas is OK in Shanghai, everyone does it! But getting some apple pie?? NO WAY, they have stopped Apple Pie for McD China.. why? Not Chinese fav.

They prefer some odd flovours (says my Western friend) like, red bean pie, green bean pie, peach cobller, banana (my fav!-no longer making them) and at the moment it is Pineapple pie and Taro pie. 2 for 7yuan, like 2 pie for 1dollar.

To top it up, of course i am not so fortunate to live next to McD, they deliver 24/7 too :) Now that is cool... I like McD Spicy Chicken wings...and thier pies, I used to like thier shakes until the recent milk issues here. (plus I am not a milkshake fan).

Why am I talking about this?That's because I am having MACCERS for lunch, totally unhealthy but I forgot to bring my protien drink today, well yes, I am on diet but not a strict diet as you can see haha. I do go to gym trice a week. (pat on the back)

So, tell me if McD is giving such a service where you are at? 24 hours services? wierd / cultural menu. McDs here have prosperity burger. KFC has portugese egg tart and rice porridge.. oh the list goes on.

So here's your challenge:
Tell me about your McD in your city or country and leave it in the comment plus an email where I can send you a link to this freebie today OR email me at (Plus you will get the Border and Grungy Block links as well)

Today's freebie is STAMPS!! I have been seeing people making stamps to give away, sadly, many times I have said this, I don't get to download them in so I have to make my own. I have used them, they are AWESOME on my LO so I want to share it with you.

So I look forward to hearing your McD story and email you my stamps :)

Cheers and Tschus
PS: Oh come on amuse my curiousity!!

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Lukasmummy said...

Macdonalds recently started doing Spring Rolls here. Most of them ar open until 3am and then reopen at 6am. I'm in the UK, does that help. Hugs Crystal xxx

Liz said...

yes THanks Lukasmummy
Sending you the links now!

addicted2scrappin said...

Liz, Some of our McDonalds are open 24 hours but in small rural areas like where I live they close around midnight and open back up at 6AM. Their food is boring and very fattening so I don't visit unless we are traveling and I can't find anything else. The typical fare is hamburgers and chicken. Recently they started having some healthier items such as apple and mandarin orange slices instead of fries. Don't forget to stop by my blog for some new freebies --- I like MediaFire!!! I have noticed that comments are way down recently and I'm thinking that I won't be posting very much either. said...

Well, I don't eat a McD's because I'm a vegetarian and they don't have anything I could eat...LOL, however, my 2 little boys totally love the six piece chicken mcnugget happy meals. They can live on that like every day. Of course, they don't get it every day, but they sure do wish they did.


Anonymous said...

I use to think all McD's had the same stuff and then went to Hawaii and they had mango pies instead of apple pies. It is not my favorite place to go but when the kids out vote me I make sure there isn't a playland inside...yuck!