Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Grungy Block Freebie

Good day,

Today's freebie is a challenge for me from my Scrap buddy. She loves to look at people layout and that inspire her to make a layout of her own. This is what I like about Susan, we actually do compliment each other as Scrap Buddy, she would show me things she like on the LO and I would think if I could make that.

So, the other day she showed me a few LO where the pictures all faded to the side, like feathering but looks a bit grungy, she likes grungy. I took a look and told her that it looked like brushes all piled up together. I have many brushes by now, thanks to, and I told her I could make a few for her.

I used some mask brush, coffee stain brush, some floral vectors and grunge brush and piled them up artistically on each other. Then we tested them, I took a picture and placed it above the mearged layer of brushes and Ctrl G-ed it. That puts a smile on our face :), I was really happy with the result... so, there it is very easy to make the blocks, pile up your brushes artistically and then merge them together and you have a grungy block.

If you don't have many brushes, please visit (I have a link here on my blog) and download them and make more yourself to personalised your LO. The freebie today can start you off with 6 blocks. I hope you enjoy it.

Click on the preview to Download it. Sorry Preview link not working here, this freebie is now a mini challenge. Please read my McD Blog Date 17Oct 2008 to get this Grungy blocks and Borders.
(I use MediaFire)

Thank the designer for the freebie!
Have a nice day



Anonymous said...

What a marvelous gift! Thank you so very much for your generosity....I can't wait to use these...

Liz said...

glad u like it