Friday, 10 October 2008

Enable the Disable

That's what I was told yesterday after the IT techy looked at my LT. I won't moan anymore today about this because what I did was really silly, no idea when I did it but I did it. I disabled the local connection, so that was why my LT didn't give any LAN signal. Silly right? but 'phew' it's all right now.

Yesterday I had HOT POT for dinner, it's the healthiest way to eat. I try to eat almost no carbohydrate at all these days just meat and veg. Not that I am super thin or really over weight, but I am a big size person. I want to eat healthier from this year onwards.

So this hot pot is like this, you get your own little pot and everyone will order meat or vege. They have the regular meat like pork, beef, mutton, seafood and poultry and some restaurant has beef tongue, crocodile meat, frog legs, sea cucumber etc and vegies like lettuce, radish, potato, all types of mushrooms and more. My fav is fried Soy Bean Skin and mushroom. The soup come in several flavour, ultra spicy, mushroom, healthy, peanut and more.

You then pick your own sauce of condiments to compliment the meat or vegies by dipping on them when your food is cooked. You wait for the soup to boil and start to put the things you like to eat into the pot and cook it yourself :) Simple and very yummalicious!

Here're pictures of the hot pot

Pic1. My pot - Mushroom soup.

Here, various of condiments for you to blend your sauce, from sesame oil to soysauce, sesame seed, peanut sauce, XO sauce, Hot chilly pepper, spring onion, garlic, onion etc.

Here you see the mutton and beef we ordered, the far left is the frog's leg, and next to the pot you see bowl of say sauce and the T's condiments next to his bowl.

I go there at lease once a week. One of my favourite meal in Shanghai. Healthy and delicious!

Today I will give you my third last day Birthday Grab... On my birthday I will give you the most glittery freebie of all. I think I forgot to tell you that these grabs only last for around 2 days and they will not be given out again so, remember not to miss these few days freebies ok?

My last Cloth Frames.

The last frame in this set is more like furry than cloth, hope you like it.

Have a nice Friday.

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Anonymous said...

Yay, more frames! Thank you! (And thanks for using Mediafire--I'm getting really fed up with 4Shared these days!)