Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Dead at 19 and a Freebie

It is always upsetting to see young people being killed by another young people or by war etc.

This morning I read about New York Rangers draft pick Alexei Cherepanov dies unexpectedly in Russia at the age of 19. Not this is very strange.

I mean if he is sickly and has a life threatenin disease, fine, but a sportman just drop dead like this and no one is tell us what happened to him. The first thing that came to my mind was drugs. How can some people not educate our teenagers about the effects of drugs? Ok I may be jumping the gun at the moment. I believe parents should pay close attention to their children. Yes, he is 19 a full grown adult so what? he is still your child check on them from time to time.

Oh I hope his parents will have a peace of mind once they find out what actually happened.

Today's freebie are Borders with words., I made it for my friend
who has two boys and from there I realised I was making more. I ended up using two for my own Layouts and the rest I hope you find them useful too.
I tried my new preview style.. I used mostly brushes to make
this preview. I like them simple to that the elements stand
out. What do you think? it's a bit rough on the edges.

There are 8 borders all together. You can recolour them to match with your layout. You should put the borders inside your picture
just like the WITH LOVE border sample in the preview.
Grab it here . Sorry the link is expired here, this freebie is now a mini challenge. Please read my McD Blog Date 17Oct 2008 to get this Grungy blocks and Borders.

Have a good week gals.


admin said...

I just love these borders!! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful creations with us!!

Linda said...

Thanks so much!

Louise said...

Many,many thanks for these great frames!!

rosangela said...

Amei seus borders! Obrigada!