Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Do you have back ups for your digital materials?

Hello all,
No freebies today. I guessed it is fate that is telling me not to work. I decided to bring my laptop with me so that I can do a little chinese girl designing while I am relaxing. I have a few sketches in my notepad and I am thinking of having PingPing wear a halloween costume.

What do you think? Asian themed with American culture?

Upon arrival I realised that I have packed my wire for my hard drive but I did not pack my hard drive! It was still in Shanghai and still in Shanghai. It's a sign, I take that I need to just rest and relax and do NADA. I had my murals in my Laptop so I gave that out and that was about it.

I have jsut recently bought a 1TB (Terrabyte) Hard drive. How many do you have? I think it is very important to back up your materials. At first I have only a 100GB hard drive and I thought that was plenty for my docs. Before I started scrapbooking, I only needed that much. Most of my things are saved on my LT (laptop) and I burnt them on to my DVD too.

When I started making videos, as I discovered Windows movie maker, I realised that my collection of pictures and videos and movies are getting bigger and bigger. So, I bought a 500GB Harddrive... within half an hour I was left with 150GB space, that's because BF used up almost all my space for his files. I wasn't too worried as I still have 150GB and I can tap into BF's files too!

That was 2 years back. 6 months ago, I got a 250GB. Not enough... as I have many Layouts and music and etc... I added a 2GB RAM into my LT and just 3 weeks ago I got a 1TB HD.

It is very important to get your things backed up. You don't want to risk, viruses, or death of the HD or fire or etc. All your time spent to grab freebies or making your LO using them will disappear. Call me paranoid, but I do this to that I am not worried about this. I am also thinking of saving my LOs not just in 4 different DVD but also now the online files like MEDIA FIRE or RAPID FIRE or 4SHARED.

BF asked me how many backups I have for my scrapbooking digital files, I told him about 5, DVD,3 dif HD and Mediafire. So how many back ups do you have? Media fire is free and I am sure 4shared too.

As for Nanjing, it's beautiful. I got to go there yesterday and saw a bit of view admist the crowd.
Here's a picture of Shanghai Train Station. It's not too heavily crowded, that's because the real holiday started yesterday. Here are some pictures of the crowd at the train station

and a picture of the view I saw yesterday.

Last day for my Oriental Challenge. I like to thank those who participated in the challenge and I hope you enjoy my creation for you. The October Oriental Challenge will be up tomorrow and birthday downloads will come soon after.
Have a good week ahead.

Bis Bald!

"Courtesy of thanks is a virtue."

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Addicted2Scrappin' said...

Hi, Liz! Your photos are awesome. I've always wanted to visit China --- it's still on my list of things to do. I have 1 TB internal hard drive in my desktop computer for my scrapbooking and stuff and 1 TB external hard drive for backup. I also have two 500 GB hard drives that are mirrored for my system and application. You are absolutely correct -- backups are essential.

PS -- Thanks for linking to my blog. Will do a linkback at next update.