Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Courtesy of Thanks,How long does it take?

I have decided to be a little more proactive in my blogging and to my few other sites than just inactive.

Today at DigiscrapDepot, I read an old posting about designing and courtesy. Apparently it is not easy to get to be part of a designing team and many great designers get turned down, not just designers like me, who is just a beginner.

At the beginning of the this month I was really excited that my visitors count jumped from 400 to now more than 5000. Looking at my numbers of downloads also made me feel really happy, and one day it dawned on me that the number of comments and downloads do not match. I did wonder if this is normal.. I looked at my own freebie hunting sessions when I first started scrapping I too did not thank these freebie givers. First, I don't know them, and second, I was too busy hunting.

Only when I started to do my own design to match with my pictures, I know it takes hours or weeks to make a kit. I have to juggle with work, boyfriend, colleagues and friends and yet must find time to design as I have projects on my own to fulfill. I can not imagine designers who are also moms, it would be even harder.

I started to leave comment.. even a short tyvm. *Thank you Very Much* and also feel happy that the designers are getting their thanks from others too. That got me to start this blog. I wanted to give freebies back to the digiscrap freebie community. I am happy for IkeaGoddess,Chickencoop, DigiFree and DigifreeDepot to give us lists of freebies and allow us to have a place to promote our freebies.

But, sometime this month I was feeling a little drained. I realised comments are very important to the designers. We get our adrenaline rush and encouragements from people who take from us. I guess it is easier to forget courtesy when you don't really see the designers or know the designers.

As for me, I will try not to be discouraged about less comments or no comments when I see people downloading my things. I will go back to my first passion why I have this blog, as to share what I have with others as I have also taken from others too. But I deep down, I do LOVE comments, it really one way to know if some one really like my freebies or do they just download it because it's free!

Grabbers, when you have time, and I know you do, especially while you wait for the download to complete, click on the comments and thank the designer who gives you the freebies for your future lovely Layouts. We thank someone who wraps our presents for free during Christmas time, we thank colleagues who uses their time to help us out, in some culture they thank and tip postmen at Christmas seasons. So, let us also thank designers to brings us beautiful papers and elements to bring use beautiful Layout to your album, hybrid projects and projects.


Deb M. said...

I so totally agree with you, Liz. I am guilty of not posting on all the blogs I visit, but I'm really trying harder. Thank you for posting this message, sometimes we don't realize how much time is involved in sharing and it only takes a minute to let someone know you appreciate what they share. Thank you for all you is lovely & it is appreciated. :o)

TerriM said...

Liz, I for one am a person that almost, and I say almost always leaves thank you's. If not for these freebies, many of us who don't have the money to "buy" the elements, papers, kits, etc., would not have anything to use to craft with. I always appreciate what I download, and more so because I don't know how to create these things myself. I truly admire the designers whether new or experienced. I simply can't say enough about Ping Ping. She's my all time favorite little girl now : ) So, with all that said, thank you so much and keep up the excellent job and kindness of sharing. Hugs and aloha!! (terri - hawaii)